I am totally focused on
my client's needs, and I
work to realize their
dreams as if they were
my own.

Laura, Coordinator
House-Crafters Home Inspection Team
Welcome to:
House-Crafters Home Inspection Team &
House- Crafters Installations,
divisions of Barthfield Inc.
"Two great services. One super company"
We are proud to include the following client comforts, with every inspection.

          Laptop technology
       30 Years Construction knowledge
       Multiple Qualified Inspectors
       Sunday Inspections
       Emailed reports
       Courteously staffed office
       Inspections completed within 48 hours
       Call anytime- 24 hour answering

Home Inspection appointments available 7 days a week, with 24 hour phone service. Your inspection
is completed by professional, licensed, and reputable home Inspectors.
We maintain the standards of procedures as set by
American Society of Home Inspectors.
Phone 630.671.1071    Fax 630.671.0129
email: House-Crafters.com